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No one can claim that technology has not touched a certain aspect of his or her life. The digital boom that we have experienced in the last several years has changed the way we live. One area that has been heavily affected by this new trend is the porn industry. And a proper example of a pornsite spearheading this revolutionary change in the industry is Digital Playground.


Let not the simple words that make up this site’s name fool you. The kind of “grown up play” that takes place on Digital Playground is of the “hardcore type.” The performers pleasure themselves or use other ways and people to achieve sexual gratification. All this makes for very intriguing material for the viewers.

DP Production Company is the creator of Digital Playground. This particular porn franchise has had a successful run in the porn industry. A company with a fine reputation such as DP Production is of course going to put out material that is of high standards.

On DP, navigation is a simple affair. There is a Girls Section that showcases the various models featured on the site. The gals are diverse in regards to their body structure plus there are some famous faces mixed in with new starlets.

What all the gals on this site prove is that they have the talent and the sex appeal to make anyone get aroused. The “hard play” that goes on in this particular playground will leave you craving for some more “sex play.”

Digital Playground’s picture gallery has over 2000 sets. Each set gives you two hundred pictures. The big disadvantage for many people who love to download pictures is that there are ZIP packs available.

On the brighter side, you get over 2600 movies that cover various niches. The movie gallery is impressive and simple to use. The “twenty-five-minute-play” movies are shot in cinematic HD quality for maximum clarity and enjoyment.

As a member of DP, you are welcomed to view the bonus DVD material provided by outside 3rd party sources. Weekly updates that involve uploading of new DVD means fresh material for your eyes.

The movies are in different hardcore porn niches. Digital Playground presently has over 450 DVDs. There are thumbnails, trailers, and information for members to look over.

Yes, Digital Playground is constantly improving and growing so expect to get better material as time passes by. Yes, you will be well served and supplied with the type of hardcore porn you like. Yes, joining Digital Playground is definitely worth it.

New Burning Angel Promo Code

Burning Angel Promo Code

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Burning Angel is a high quality and extremely unique adult site. There are nearly 600 videos and over 1,500 picture sets to browse through. There is an extremely active community, full HD content, and daily updates delivered. Burning Angel is the brain child of Joanna Angel, who was sick and tired of blase and boring porn sites.


She created it to be a music blog, a forum, an HD porn site and much more. It’s an all in one tight knit community which really does bring a lot of unique features to the table. If you are looking for something outside of the norm in terms of community, take a close look at Burning Angels.

The content itself is of very high quality, constantly getting high reviews all across the web. There is plenty of lesbian action, POV porn, parodies and funny content, hot and passionate hardcore one on one, and so much more. With the immense collection and variety growing daily at Burning Angel, you are not going to run out of video or photo set content anytime soon. The girls on this site are very much “alternative”, and while you won’t see tattoos on every single girl it can be close to it. If you are into alternative chicks, there aren’t too many hotter sites out there right now.

When it comes to pricing, Burning Angel fits the bill. It comes in at a standard pricing scheme of $2.95 for a 3 day trial, $29.95 a month, $68.75 for 90 days pre-pay, and $95.40 for a full year discount. If you know you are into the type of content that Burning Angels provides, obviously the best value choice would be the full year plan. If you are still on the fence, the handy 3-day trial really hooks you up, believe us.

Overall, Burning Angel really hits the mark for the surfer with an alternative fetish. The girls are hot and bad, and they know what they are doing. Most of all, you can really tell the actress selection is of the highest quality – they really like what they are doing. Burning Angel is and will remain one of the most recommended membership sites of 2014 and beyond.

New Mofos Discount

Mofos Discount

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The Mofos Network is a massive network from the creators of Brazzers. It is a “mega-site” with many different sites in one, and it updates with new content every day. The obvious advantage they have is that you will never run out of high quality content at the Mofos Network. They are simply just too big. Since they are from the founders of Brazzers, you would assume that the quality and diversity of content should be very high – and you would be right.


There are a total of 12 different sites to choose from on the Mofos Network, all with different themes. There are nearly 2,000 HD videos (not all are in HD, but most are.) as well as 1,500 photo sets. Some of the sites such as “Public Pickups” don’t do photo sets at all, which is why there is a discrepancy between photo sets and video numbers. But hey, who could complain about more HD video?

As mentioned above, there are 10 sites plus 2 bonus sites. They include Pervs on Patrol, Latina Sex Tapes, Mofos Worldwide, Real Slut Party, Shes a Freak, I Know That Girl, Lets Try Anal, Milfs Like It Black, Public PIckups and Can She Take It. All of the names of the sites are pretty self explanatory as to what you can expect, and you get access to all of them with the one membership fee. In addition, there are 2 secret bonus sites to add to the collection. In terms of quality, Mofos is very picky and only puts the best videos up. That is why this network deal is such a great one.

If you’re wondering about the style and culture of the sites, you can be assured that they take their porn scenes seriously. There are plots and most of the action is featured around hardcore action. If you are into hardcore, then there is no doubt about it – this deal is for you.

With all of the daily new content available across at least one of the sites per day, the Mofos Network really does bring a lot to the table. Being one of the best in the game isn’t easy, but they continue to grow and receive stellar reviews across the web.