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Anal Acrobats Promo Code

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At Anal Acrobats, the girls here do amazing thing with their asses. They put a lot of things in these asses and the fun just does not stop when those things start to happen. There are 449 videos and they can be downloaded on Windows Media player and Mp4 formats. They can also be streamed on an embedded player.


There are 240 galleries on Anal Acrobats and they are all in high resolution. They can also be saved in a Zip file in a hurry. They have a lot in terms of bonuses as they give you access to the Evil Angel network as you will have access to websites such as Gaping Angels and Buttman. The bad news is that there has been no recent movement on the site as it has been some time since the last update. Almost half of the videos here are already in HD format so you can view them at a nice pace. The things these girls make their butts do are simply amazing and there is no doubt you will stare in awe at all the acts.

It is too bad you can’t post comments here as it would be great to let the whole world know what you thought about all the action going on. The content here is also exclusive so you won’t find them anywhere else. There is no advanced search here either so you would have to be contented with the basic search which is not such a bad idea. They put a lot of things inside their buttholes including baseball bats, vegetables, balls and basically anything you can think of. If a chick’s ass is what makes your cock hard then this site is the website for you.

These asses are so round that you would end up kissing your computer screen. You would love it when they moon you because it is obvious their asses won’t really fit the computer screen. You are going to search for some stretch marks in their asses but you won’t be able to find any of that as they are perfect on Anal Acrobats.

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ATK Galleria Discount

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Of all the paid porn sites that exist today, it comes to no doubt that ATK Galleria is one of the best. It is now about to meet it’s 10 birthday, so yeah, advanced happy birthday, baby! And in my own personal opinion, I’d say this site considerably has a massive amount of photo galleries and of course the real essence of porn sites, the videos, that all portray the wonderful feeling of exclusivity. The best part is that all women are sexy and 18 to 23!


What’s Inside ATK Galleria?

The very thing that you’ll find inside the site is none other than magic. Yes, because while we all know is at “love, sex, and magic”, magic goes for both ove and sex. The site is brimming with the best porn fun in town with a plethora of the hottest models involved in the most outstanding porn videos that will surely enliven your dark dismal days. 

Today, ATK Galleria holds a massive amount of 4800 plus models. If you can’t wait to watch the fucking hot videos, well, you wouldn’t have to of course. As soon as you get to join the site as a member, you can directly watch all the videos that you want and pick from among the models in accord to the videos they are involved in. Yes, basically, there’s the filtered search feature. You just have to type the name of the model that you seek to see in action and voila! you get your porn lady straight in your screen. 

While there are thousands of super hot models to watch out for, the videos go multiple folds with a collective number of 18474 videos. And on top of that, there are photo galleries with items that will totally blow your mind. Because, this site we so call ATK Galleria was meant to be explosive and so it is. 

In order to enjoy the contents of the site, you simply just have to get yourself registered. That wouldn’t be a problem at all because the rate goes only at 24.95 dollars per month. So yeah, seemingly endless porn fun for a price so affordable. Enjoy, guys!

New Fucked Hard 18 Discount

Fucked Hard 18 Discount

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Fucked Hard 18 is an interesting site that fails to live up to the inherent hype that has surrounded it since its inception over five years ago. The basic premise of the site is that eighteen year old girls are offered a free massage, so they decide to come to a private location where they begin to have a massage which suddenly breaks down into sex.


While some formulaic adult entertainment is helpful and interesting, the simple fact of the matter is that the site truly fails at its attempt to be unique. Essentially, you will watch two videos from this site and quickly become bored at the utter lack of variety and showmanship. When you become a member of the site they include several nice gifts. One of the them is a set of DVDs that has the “best” teen sex videos on the web.

Another one of the gifts is a compilation of the best teen sites on the web. While it may be nice of them to offer you some conciliatory gifts for becoming a member of their site, the sad fact of this site is that they know that their product is not good enough to keep you interested which is why they need to give you more free products when you join the site. It shows a lack of their faith in their own product, which shows just how trite and boring it can be.

The only redeeming quality about Fucked Hard 18 is that they have live teen webcams which will allow you to see some fresh action when you become a member. Unfortunately they also use it as a method to draw more money from you because you will be paying for tips when you are watching the live cams in order to have the girls show some interesting action. In order to become a member of the site you will need to pay the standard $24.99 a month, but they offer deals for those who become long term members. Overall, this site is of decent quality and should generally not be avoided. If you want to see tantric massages or women tricked, a tube site will serve well too.

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Hegre Art Discount

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Hegre art is one of the sites in a burgeoning market for erotic photography that is currently sweeping the adult entertainment world. This site is unique though and does it better than pretty much every other source on the web. As soon as you log on to the site you are greeted by a nice picture of a woman receiving a very sensual massage from another woman.


This is just an appetizer though, the entire site is built around the concept of high eroticism rather than hardcore sex, which is great for some people, but just not enough for others. Hegre has a great deal of interesting material though, and they even have enough sheer material to be considered a rather large entity in the porn world.

Let’s take a look at some of the stats. In terms of their videos, this site has five hundred and five-one full length feature films that have been show in the latest high definition. They also have one of the largest collections of erotic images on the web, with a grand total of two hundred thousand different pictures that you will be hard pressed to find on any other site on the web. The Hegre Art is international, and the choice of models reflects that interesting niche.

Another great part about this site is that they have one several different awards on the adult entertainment market, and they even claim to be the number one nude site on the web today. While this may be a slight exaggeration, the truth is that the site has many of the key benefits that make it a viable option for many people today. One of the first things to consider is the fact that the site has a nice area of web cams where you can have access to all of the models on a more personal basis. Also, the site has an extensive gallery and travel section, where you can be encouraged to see some of the more exotic women on the web.

Becoming a member of Hegre Art is inexpensive, with you only paying forty-two cents per day for unlimited access. Overall, the site is above average, and definitely worth a look.

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Sex Art Discount

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You might be forgiven for thinking that Sex Art is just another generic soft core site that merits no real consideration if you just look at the site’s name. But step inside this classy site and you will see how wrong you were.


The material on this site follows a certain “erotic form of storytelling” that is very unique. The fantasy driven content shows sexy gals in Lesbo scenes, pleasing their sensual bodies and being penetrated in some hardcore sex scenes.

The movie titles on Sex Art are as creative as the mind of great poet. The titles give you a glimpse of the kind of content you can expect (which is usually hot, stylish, and engaging). Navigation tools on the site allow you to view material that was recently uploaded and move around the site with great ease. Movies come with some background songs that accentuate the action taking place before your eyes. The songs are carefully selected to compliment the action going on, be it kinky domination, or orgy fests. Under the “original series” tag on the site, you will be able to access fantasy erotic movies of performers, and even get material that lets you see the performers on this site in a completely new way.

When it comes to the movies and pics, you receive 323+ photo galleries and 236+ movie scenes with your membership. The pictures are High Res. You can download them (ZIP file). The movies run for 20 minutes and most are HD quality. No download limits and streaming abilities are available. At times, you can almost “taste” the sexual passion that flows from the material on Sex Art. Unlike ordinary hardcore porn that just jumps to the romping action, the material on this site takes a different route. It builds up your desires and level of excitement in a creative, sexy manner. Updates are done every day and keep on alternating from pictures to movies.

Live cam chats are available so that you can really get your freak on while talking to the glamorous gals. There is no doubt in our minds that you will enjoy yourself on Sex Art. Material quality is brilliant, uniqueness of material is impressive, and the site is a top-notch erotic hub spot where you can deeply explore your sexuality. “Sex” and “art” combine so well on this site, give it a try!

New Explicite Art Discount

Explicite Art Discount

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Many sites only give you glam gals posing in some softcore porn scenes. Explicite Art is not a “one trick pony” like these sites. If you take the word “Explicite” and substitute it with “explicit”, and take the word “art” to mean high quality and imaginative, you have an hardcore site loaded with some very inspired material.


John B Roots, (France’s acclaimed porn movie director) is the person behind Explicite Art. This dude has been in the game for several years. He has collected numerous awards for his high quality sex-fest movies. Already ExpliciteArt starts off on the right note by enlisting such talented producers to make content for the site.

Let’s get down to the content. On Explicite Art, members can view the 1206+ photo sets with many of the pictures giving you High Res quality. ZIP pack file is there for picture downloading purpose. Each set can have up to 50 or 100 pictures. has many video formats that members can utilize to watch the movies on different devices (flash, mp4, mov, divx, windows, mpeg). Movies run for approximately fifteen minutes and many of them are HD quality. Download as much as you want or stream the content in various streaming qualities. The movie gallery has 1124+ scenes. The gals featured on this site are definitely not shy when it comes to sexual matters. They take the term “explicit” to heart. You will see hardcore blowjobs, lesbians, hard penetrations of both pussies and asses. The material on this site is all French themed with subtitles available for those who do not understand moaning in French!

Explicite Art has a very impressive list of models. Currently the site boasts of 400+ different gals doing what beautiful gals do, having lots of sex! You have complete power over which model you want to see sexually destroyed. This is thanks to the user-friendly navigation features on the site. You can select material according to action (facial, DP, etc) while the search options are still there to help you find material. On ExpliciteArt, you will see a mixture of experienced gals and amateur beauties all eager to climax like an active volcano. There are models who have that gal-next-door look and the variety of ethnicity when it comes to the gals is highly impressive.

Explicite Art has live shows, updates around twenty times a month, and has more material in DVD form for members to buy. If you run to right now, you will be shocked to your core by how addictive the site is. The site simply has it all, so give them a try.

New All Girl Massage Promo Code

All Girl Massage Promo Code

Coupon Code: ADULTIXE

Saves you 67% off your One Month Membership


You might contemplate going for a massage that moment when you experience a sore back and achy shoulders, but you should try watching an All Girl Massage and give yourself a rubdown instead. You will definitely forget about all your pain when you see a cute chick rub her hands all over another gorgeous babe and you will also be tempted to massage your cock at that particular moment.


All Girl Massage brings to you amazing chicks that get intimate massages from other chicks and all these is availed in high-def.The site prides itself as being the first of its kind on the net.However, the brains behind this site swore that they would never feature any penises in their content, but I don’t think you will mind at all considering the quality of entertainment that you are bound to witness. Updating is undertaken each week and at the moment they have 182 videos and 207 pic sets.This number of content has more than doubled since the last time we came across this site, but you might still consider it not adequate because you will be left gunning for more.

The same MP4s that are made specifically for handy devices can also be streamed through an embedded Flash player that is at your disposal. There are MP4s that come with high-def playback while others have excellent quality Windows Media files.Their photos are also available in high-res and can be downloaded in Zip files. There is a particular scene that starts with a beauty walking into a massage parlor, gets nude and lies on the massage table. Once she is comfortable, the gorgeous masseuse starts attending to her, rubbing on her back and legs. Before long, she starts having her breasts caressed and kissed. She is hesitant at first but makes it clear that she would return for another session.

Since our initial review, all the site has done is nothing but improve on its content and display and it is surely matching forward on the right path to prominence. All Girl Massage has adequate material to keep you well entertained plus bonus sites such as Massage Parlor, Nuru Massage and Soapy Massage. Obtaining membership will definitely keep that smile on your face.I would definitely urge you to go out their and join in the massaging fun.

New Out of the Family Promo Code

Out of the Family Promo Code

Coupon Code: ADULTIXE

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It will only take you a click to go through the tour and know exactly whatever images you will come across on the site Out of The Family. There is no need to be concerned because of the word “Family”, since in the real sense no one in any of the scenes is related in any particular way.


The scenes are mainly about guys banging their girlfriends’ mothers, stepdaughters having a go at their step dads and dads banging their daughters’ best friends. If you are at par with Devil’s then you ought to be familiar with some of these scenes. What they have improved on is taken out any that fits with the Out Of The Family theme.

The site has 585 movies and 649 photo sets. Their pics are high-res and come with the option to download them in Zip files. Each and every video is accompanied with numerous download options and 531 of them are noticeable as HD. The name of the series can also be seen and they include “Mother And Daughter Cock sucking Contest”, “My New Black Step Daddy”, “It’s Okay She Is My Mother In-law” and much more. All the movies are accessible as thumbnail images and they offer a brief slideshow when you drift your mouse over them.

The site is amazing and together with the different sorting and search modules, you also have a list of categories and example being HD “HD movies” so you will have no trouble locating them. Membership will also allow you to view Fame Digital network that offers a lot of other sites for your entertainment pleasure. The videos are all dated to show when they were added and you will definitely note that there are some occasions when no updating took place at all.However, at present there are seven new flicks that have been added to the collection in the last thirty days. All in all, the site has a massive amount of content and obtaining membership is worthwhile.

New VideosZ Discount

VideosZ Discount

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From way back in 2004, VideosZ has been giving the public access to porn DVDs. And, for every year that this site continued its invaluable service in the porn industry, it solidified its name and reputation as a premium site. The site has also adapted and changed over the years to be able to meet changing consumer demands.


Under its hood, VideosZ boasts of an impressive amount of material that makes up its DVD gallery. This is thanks to the number of years the site has been actively uploading material. With the robust claim of having the largest DVD collection, VideosZ is out to claim the throne as the “undisputed king of the DVD porn” in the industry.

VideosZ has 13000+ DVD titles in its gallery. This figure is bound to change as the site constantly brings in new material. When you delve in deeper, you will find the site has 80000+ movie scenes. It would take you several months to watch all this content.

Downloads are not limited and you can stream the scenes. There are AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV formats available. The movies touch on every porn niche you could imagine. Unfortunately, Videos Z does not have a picture gallery. The new movies/ scenes are in HD quality.

Searching for the DVD content you like on Videos Z is fast and simple. There are features, tools, and search engines you can use. The material is split into different categories, studios, models, and other criteria. Everything from solo to hardcore to fetish porn is featured on this site.

There is no doubt that you are going to be impressed by VideosZ. This site has a solid track record of providing quality DVD material to “a sexually hungry audience.” There are studios that are making porn exclusively for Videos Z. It is easy to see why this site is so highly regarded by many, sign up if you want the biggest and the best archive of DVD porn in the market.

New Burning Angel Promo Code

Burning Angel Promo Code

Coupon Code: ADULTIXE

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Burning Angel is a high quality and extremely unique adult site. There are nearly 600 videos and over 1,500 picture sets to browse through. There is an extremely active community, full HD content, and daily updates delivered. Burning Angel is the brain child of Joanna Angel, who was sick and tired of blase and boring porn sites.


She created it to be a music blog, a forum, an HD porn site and much more. It’s an all in one tight knit community which really does bring a lot of unique features to the table. If you are looking for something outside of the norm in terms of community, take a close look at Burning Angels.

The content itself is of very high quality, constantly getting high reviews all across the web. There is plenty of lesbian action, POV porn, parodies and funny content, hot and passionate hardcore one on one, and so much more. With the immense collection and variety growing daily at Burning Angel, you are not going to run out of video or photo set content anytime soon. The girls on this site are very much “alternative”, and while you won’t see tattoos on every single girl it can be close to it. If you are into alternative chicks, there aren’t too many hotter sites out there right now.

When it comes to pricing, Burning Angel fits the bill. It comes in at a standard pricing scheme of $2.95 for a 3 day trial, $29.95 a month, $68.75 for 90 days pre-pay, and $95.40 for a full year discount. If you know you are into the type of content that Burning Angels provides, obviously the best value choice would be the full year plan. If you are still on the fence, the handy 3-day trial really hooks you up, believe us.

Overall, Burning Angel really hits the mark for the surfer with an alternative fetish. The girls are hot and bad, and they know what they are doing. Most of all, you can really tell the actress selection is of the highest quality – they really like what they are doing. Burning Angel is and will remain one of the most recommended membership sites of 2014 and beyond.