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Fucked Hard 18 is an interesting site that fails to live up to the inherent hype that has surrounded it since its inception over five years ago. The basic premise of the site is that eighteen year old girls are offered a free massage, so they decide to come to a private location where they begin to have a massage which suddenly breaks down into sex.


While some formulaic adult entertainment is helpful and interesting, the simple fact of the matter is that the site truly fails at its attempt to be unique. Essentially, you will watch two videos from this site and quickly become bored at the utter lack of variety and showmanship. When you become a member of the site they include several nice gifts. One of the them is a set of DVDs that has the “best” teen sex videos on the web.

Another one of the gifts is a compilation of the best teen sites on the web. While it may be nice of them to offer you some conciliatory gifts for becoming a member of their site, the sad fact of this site is that they know that their product is not good enough to keep you interested which is why they need to give you more free products when you join the site. It shows a lack of their faith in their own product, which shows just how trite and boring it can be.

The only redeeming quality about Fucked Hard 18 is that they have live teen webcams which will allow you to see some fresh action when you become a member. Unfortunately they also use it as a method to draw more money from you because you will be paying for tips when you are watching the live cams in order to have the girls show some interesting action. In order to become a member of the site you will need to pay the standard $24.99 a month, but they offer deals for those who become long term members. Overall, this site is of decent quality and should generally not be avoided. If you want to see tantric massages or women tricked, a tube site will serve well too.